Spa pink dog bathrobe

This dog bathrobe towel is perfect after outdoor adventures, training, swimming, rainy walks and bathing. The bathrobes for dogs are made of high quality bamboo microfiber that absorbs moisture. The dog bathrobe towel has double layered materials for quick drying coats. It offers an excellent solution to wear when your dog is wet and to prevent damp dog smells and black splatters in the house or car interior from shaking out.

In soft pink color

35,00 €
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Wet dog running around the house? Do you recognize this? After a rainy walk or if the dog has been swimming, your dog obviously wants to go inside your warm house. A dog bathrobe towel will protect your car and home interior from shivering, wet dog smells, and endless rubbing down.

Save time and effort cleaning up after wet dogs and make tedious towel-drying a thing of the past.

Perfect for puppies, older dogs or rehabilitations dogs, the use of a dog bathrobe will be great after such hydrotherapy

This bamboo microfiber dog bathrobe towel is made of super-absorbent, lightweight bamboo microfiber toweling fabric. With terry cloth materials is designed to have a snugly fit around the dog’s wet body. The Velcro straps around the dog provides coverage of the lower abdomen. The bathrobe is designed to hang over the back and dry the back legs and body with it.

Composition and materials

  • 40% cotton, 40% bamboo, 20% polystyrene


  • Machine washable max 30ºC. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry

Sizes and colors

    • 3 Sizes available:   XXS - XS,   S -M,  L - XL
    • Also available in grey, coral and blue

    Colors seen on screen may vary from the original product color