Coral Spa dog bathrobe

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There is nothing more pleasant than rolling up in a smooth and cozy robe after a swim or a bath. Quickly dry your puppy off and keep him warm after any water time with this cotton - bamboo mix toweling. This dripping dog bathrobe towel is perfect for Spa day baths, at the beach or lake, or when your pup comes in from the rain. Wrap your dog when finishing bath, dries your pup quickly and keeps your house dry and clean, prevent from shakings.

In coral color

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When your dog has rolled in something he shouldn't have, use his dog towel to shield surroundings from mud splatters and mask smells. 

High quality bamboo microfiber that dries your pup in half time. Soft, comfy and helps to detangle long hair. For all types of dogs with short or long hair. Keep your pup warm. Poodle and doodles love it.Easy to put on and take off

This bamboo microfiber dog bathrobe towel is made of super-absorbent, lightweight bamboo microfiber toweling fabric. With terry cloth materials is designed to have a snugly fit around the dog’s wet body. The Velcro straps around the dog provides coverage of the lower abdomen. The bathrobe is designed to hang over the back and dry the back legs and body with it.

Composition and materials

  • 40% cotton, 40% bamboo, 20% polystyrene


  • Machine washable max 30ºC. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry

Sizes and colors

    • 3 Sizes available:   XXS - XS,   S -M,  L - XL
    • Also available in pink, grey and blue

    Colors seen on screen may vary from the original product color