About us



I could never have imagined the way my life was about to change in October of 2010.

When little Max, a miniature Dachshund, arrived at his new home, he was so small and trembled so much that he never wanted to go out because he really felt the cold.

The search for items of clothing and products adapted to Max took me down a dead end, which is why, despite being a doctor by profession, I decided to get involved in a totally different project and create a brand with its own identity to help other dog owners in the same situation.

I wanted to bring about a change in the pet products that were available on the market and offer a personalised experience. I focused on finding “that something extra”: the value of small details, unique items carefully fabricated, designer products that are affordable, high-quality and functional... the kind of things you want to have at home that also make your life easier. Quality is our raison d'être: we are dog owners ourselves and we want resistant, durable clothing that will accompany your dog in their day-to-day life.

Ultimately, out of our love for dogs, a passion was born: offering the well-being and comfort solution your pet deserves, creating the experience of an up-to-date, expert, authentic and trustworthy brand.

Our design and production take place in nearby companies so as to be able to control the entire process: from the choice of materials to customer distribution.

We minimise our carbon footprint and use of plastics, incorporating natural resources and recycled materials in order to create products for your dog that you will love to have in your home.


Because the world is different and wonderful in the company of a pet, and you don’t know it until you have one


Thank you for helping us to do what we love every day. Without you, tQel wouldn’t be a reality: your happiness is what drives our work