Terms and Conditions


General terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions herein shall apply to all purchases of products offered through the website www.tqel.es (here in after “Products”), together with offer, price and description thereof set at said webpage, and where applicable, specific conditions thereof gathered herein (specific conditions) shall rule the legal relationship between tQel and the USER, comprising the whole agreement between both.

The Terms and Conditions shall be the time it remains published on the website, and shall make reference to the product purchased at the time said conditions were available.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein by the USER shall be an indispensable requirement to formalize any contract between USER and tQel .

To register, it is necessary to be of legal age according to Spaniard law, place of residence is not a obstacle.


Identification of the parties

(1) KHORE GLOBAL CONSULTING S.L., sole and exclusive proprietor of existing rights over tQel., CIF B84463868, whose address is Avda Ramón y Cajal,111 28043, Madrid, hereinafter “ tQel.”.

 tQel is a registered Brand under registration number 3.051.474.

(2) the CLIENT, whose information has been supplied by himself in the register and clearance forms. All data of said forms have been directly input by him, rendering him directly and exclusively liable for the truthfulness thereof.


Object of the Contract

By accepting the general conditions herein, tQel agrees to make available to the USER the Products acquired via the website www.tqel.es and the CLIENT undertakes to pay the price set at the time of the purchase.

We do not allow purchase of ours Products offered through the website for resale. Therefrom, credentials provided with the purchase of the product are personal and non-transferrable.


Register Process

In order to acquired Products offered by tQel. via website, it is necessary to register in said website.

Regarding the register process, the USER is sole responsible for the quality of the data input by him on the forms, and accepts the obligation to supply truthful, accurate and complete data regarding his identity as requested in the forms of register, purchase and credential and to update said registry data so they remain truthful, accurate and complete. However, the USER at any time can modify and/or update his data by accessing the User profile within thewebsite.

To register, it is necessary to be of legal age according to Spanish law, place of residence is not a obstacle.

If the USER supply any false, inaccurate or incomplete data, or if SNCARDS have reasonable motives to suspect that said information were false, inaccurate or incomplete, it shall be entitled to deny present or future access and use of the website or any service thereof.


Privacy and data protection

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that all personal data provided during the use of our website will be treated in accordance with the aforementioned Law and they shall be included in the file of our ownership is duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). The purpose of this file is to facilitate processing orders and shipping, including by electronic media, of relevant information, newsletters or commercial offers on products and services related to tQel.

These data will not be sold or yielded to third parties and the necessary measures are taken to prevent tampering, loss, or unauthorized access, except for the transfer of data necessary to provide the service of transportation.

You can exercise your rights any time, to modify, access, rectification or cancel and exercise your right of opposition of your personal data, by writing via email to info@tqel.es

The user guarantees that the personal data provided is truthful, and is responsible for any damage or direct or indirect damage that may be caused to the website or any third party, due to the completion of forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or out dated data.



All information related to Products offered by us, by way of illustration but not limitation, prices, features, content, benefits, are available to the USER at the website and shall be displayed in each case.

tQel aims to display the colors of its products as closely as possible to the actual color. However, the color of the products may be subject to variations depending on the quality of the monitor of your computer. For this reason, tQel cannot guarantee that the colors shown on your monitor are an exact reproduction of the original.



Prices in our shop are displayed in Euros and are those valid at the time, except for typographic mistake.

All prices show their applicable VAT included in the order.

Offers on products sold in tQel will be shown in the product sheet, and if not stated otherwise, shall be valid while displayed on the web.

tQel reserves the right to change prices, articles, offers and other commercial conditions without notice.


Purchase System

Purchase procedure is made entirely electronically through our website, except for orders placed by other means, and always with the mutual agreement of the parts.

If users are not previously registered on the website, must fill a personal data form, essential to carry out the shipment of orders.

The phases of the procurement process are displayed throughout the buying process. The steps are: selection of products, user identification or registration on the web,summary, confirmation of the purchase and payment.

Products shipping costs will be displayed clearly in the summary screen.

You will be able to remove one or every product included in the selection, before confirming your purchase.